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Admission Open for 2014-15

Brindavan College - UG - PG

Brindavan College, Bengaluru, India is a premier educational institution of higher learning in the garden city of India, the Silicon Valley and the knowledge capital of India. The college is located in a calm, serene and eco-friendly environment in the back drop of the Hebbal lake surrounded by agricultural land and coconut groove of the University of Agricultural more

From the Chairman's Desk

Dr.Majed A.A. Sabha B.E. M.B.A. Ph.D

It is appropriately said that education, beyond all others devices of human origin, has the greatest role to play in defining and shaping the personality of an individual.
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Memorable Events

Brindavan College is unique in its own style of conducting Student Events like Freshers Day, Melange, Graduation Day, Food Festival, Department Festivals, Engineers Day etc., read more